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Berezki Jewelry Giveaway

I am pretty sure I am in LOVE with this shop. As you all know... I ADORE anything unique and LOVE when people use the talents God has given them!
Well, Alisa is just that! If you looked Creative up in the dictionary...HER Gorgeous face would be there :) hehe

Anyway, let me tell ya a bit about Alisa....

My name is Alisa Berezovski (evolved into "Berezki" - meaning "Birch Tree" in Russian).

My background in Architecture was my original inspiration for creating jewelry out of concrete.
I love how this industrial and generally heavy material can be transformed into very elegant, and light-weight jewelry creations.

Every piece is handmade and no two items are ever alike. Each jewelry piece will be as unique as that particular moment when I am making it. Each piece will have its flaws and at the same time will be as perfect as the material allows it to be. That is what gives each piece its character, its story.

I'm still discovering the limits and new possibilities of this material, and would always love to hear your thoughts, your feedback :)

Now for the eye candy! Get ready to be AH-MAZ-ED...Seriousness...
 I WANT this SO bad... I have LOVED roses forever :) "A rose by ANY other name is still a rose." Unique, LOVELY, and FABULOUSLY fashionable.
 Gorgeous right?? This clasp necklace is PERFECT for a wedding or a trip to the grocery store!
 Ummm...YES please!
 Really? Can her GORGEOUS pieces get any more fabulous??
 Oh, Yes...She has earrings too!

LOVE! Can't you just see these on a BRIDE???

Can you believe this GORGEOUSNESS is made from Concrete? I am amazed. I am amazed something so functional...something we walk or drive on EVERY day turned into something so beautiful.

So, GUESS what??? Alisa is generously giving one of the FIVE items pictured below to ONE winner! AND the winner gets to pick their FAV! Woo Hoo!

 Roses and Thorns - Pendant
 Architectural Plan - Necklace
Concrete Icicles - Necklace
Concrete and Cherries - Earrings
 Concrete Drops - Earrings

Isn't this exciting! You wanna know my next purchase??? Roses and Thorns - Pendant YUP that's right!